Pure Potato Limited Generation Seed Farm
Pure Potato Limited Generation Seed Farm

Pure Potato

Pure Potato is a Limited Generation Seed Farm producing disease free seed potato stock since 1987.

This process starts under a microscope in the lab. New varieties are continually cleaned up using an incubator for heat treatment. Therapy protocals and meristem are used to eliminate any diseases and bacteria. Disease tested tissue culture plantlets are then grown to create PreNuclear minitubers in the greenhouse. These are multiplied in the field the following growing seasons.

Every year new seed plantlets are started. This constitutes a "flush-out” program in the later generations to ensure the cleanest, disease free seed possible for our customers.

Seed potatoes may be purchased at any stage starting from plantlets to minitubers and up to Generation 2 seed potatoes. Contracts to grow seed can be made for privately owned potato varieties as well as the standard varieties.