Dick Bedlington Farms offers Limited Generation Seed Potatoes available from Generation 1 through 4. We offer different grades of seed potatoes and sell quantities in bulk or sack. Please check our variety list as it changes with the market demands. We also broker other varieties and if you are not able to locate the seed you’ve been looking for, we may know where to find it.

Our farm has modern climate controlled storages with state of the art equipment. They are monitored continuously to ensure the temperature and humidity are at optimum levels. The premium quality of your seed is our business.

Our shipping season is from harvest through the Spring (September to May). We ship using refrigerated semi-trucks or belted bulk trailers. 

We are constantly updating to specialized potato equipment. We pride ourselves with modern, state of the art machines starting at planting and continuing through harvest and onto the grading line. We have holding tanks that allow us to efficiently and gently load your potatoes in a timely manner.